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About Tatties & Tipples

Proud owners of Fletcher's restaurant in Stirling, Adam and Connor are excited to announce the start of a new venture Tatties and Tipples. 

Growing up in hospitality and constant family events, hosting and catering is something that comes naturally to the Binnie family. After catering for thier our own events they began helping friends and family with their own occasions and this as led to the organic growth and creation of our Tatties & Tipples. 

Using the expertise from their restaurant background along with ample experience of hosting events, Tatties and Tipples is an event catering service which is here to enhance any occasion. 

Do you have a garden party, birthday or baby shower at home? Or a larger party, wedding or event that can use some top notch food and drinks then look no further. 

Choose from one of our popular catering menus or come to us with your own ideas and we will bring them to life. 

No matter what the event, we will make a bespoke catering experience just for you.

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Image by Kenny Eliason
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