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Naming Ceremony @ Airth Venue

Location: Airth Venue, Airth | Guests: 85 | Date: 30th Sept | Brief: Looking for a simple buffet to cater for a wide range of guests including children for a naming ceremony.

A new venue for us this week for a fantastic naming ceremony in Airth

Airth Venue was an excellent location for hosting all kinds of parties. With space for well over 100+ and use of two useful spaces we will be looking to hosting our own events here in the future.

Great lighting (not so much for food photography :D), welcoming staff, and brilliant range of drinks including cocktails!

With such a range of people attending this event we put together a menu of popular buffet options and included some simple fillings for kids to make sure there was something for everyone.

We set up at the rear of the room whilst the ceremony took place so it was already to go for the guests as soon as the ceremony was completed.

The delicious smell of the food must have worked up an appetite for the guests as there was zero time for pictures before everyone got tucked in :D


"We used the team for a recent naming day in Airth. The team were a pleasure to deal with from planning through to set up and the quality of food on the day. There was a consistent stream of feedback from our guests on how good the food was. If you have an event coming up then don't look by these guys!"

We had such a good time setting up at this venue and hope to be back soon for some more events. If you have an event coming up and looking for space beyond 100+ I would look no further than Airth Venue!

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